Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nerds grow up...

They get older at least. Was out at JWE's house tonight and we did something that happened many, many, MANY times during highschool, university, and the years since. (only a couple years since) We sat and played video games. And, it was JUST like old times but for a few exceptions as follows:
1. The evening started with a dinner of spring rolls, grilled sausages, and grilled peppers with home made fudge and cookies for dessert. A far cry from the pizza pops and jell-o we used to eat.
2. We stopped playing video games at a certain point to watch a PBS documentary special on the evolution of the video game.
3. I had to leave before 11pm as he had to get up at 5am to get ready for work.

Now the Neurotic One and I have had some - adventures? - over the years the usually revolve in some way around the computer or latest video game system. (I may pull some recollections of those events out of the vault if I run out of fun stuff to talk about.) The "Video Game Nights" or "Weekends" that would sometimes happen are getting much fewer and farther between as we age. Maybe this is a sign of us maturing, of something in our minds moving away from the need of that type of stimulus and changing to a new way of thinking and processing information. Then I remember an email I got from JWE just the other day that is transcribed here, and I think, "no, we are still nerds," just with more money to spend on toys and less time to use them.

Plus, if I truly matured, I wouldn't find stuff like this new one from the boys at HSR funny at all.

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