Thursday, November 03, 2005

I should blog about this!

You ever have one of those moments where right in the middle of it you think to yourself,

"This would be so cool to blog about. I can't wait until I can sit down and do that!"

I had one of those moments last night. I took pictures and even thought about how I would work them in and how amazing the whole thing would be.

Too bad this was a dream.

The thing is, I felt so strongly about blogging about the event while dreaming it, I am going to anyway, (without the pictures of course.)

So we were at the zoo, and we were near the giraffes. It was a beautiful summer day, not a cloud in the sky and super hot. That kind of T.O. 30 in the sun, 35 in the shade kind of hot. They were getting ready for this big exhibition, celebrity boxing type event so there was a big platform set up where everything was going to take place. It wasn't a boxing ring because there were no ropes or turnbuckles or anything, (I like that word...turnbuckle) but more of a stage with padded tiles. My friend Chucky was there. I was helping him get ready for the match. We were taping his hands and putting on the gloves and making sure everything was in place. He was wearing the kind of trunks that Apollo Creed was wearing in Rocky. The strange thing is that although I was excited for Chucky, I really didn't want him to win the match. I wanted his opponent to win. You'll never guess who his opponent was.

Jeff Gordon

Yes, that Jeff Gordon.

Yes, driver of the Hendricks Racing Number 24 Dupont Chevrolet Malibu Jeff Gordon.

Anyway, I wanted my boy Jeff to win but the whole time I was taking pictures and thinking it would be so cool to have a picture of me and Jeff and Chucky after the match no matter who won. The match itself was really frustrating however, because both of the combatants were wearing baseball caps and big aviator sunglasses. It seemed like neither one of them really wanted to throw a punch because they were worried about breaking the glasses or knocking off the hats. There were three referees, but only one of them had the orange armband and I also found that frustrating because we were supposed to have switched to the two ref and two linesman system years ago.

At this point I began to think that things were getting a little weird. I must have been starting to wake up.

Finally, Jeff threw a good punch that knocked both the hat and sunglasses off of Chucky's head, and the referee called it. (One of the linesmen had had his arm up for a while on the delayed offside but there hadn't been a whistle.) I went to Chucky to ask him if he really wanted to quit and he said he had to because his nose was running.

I then turned around to see how the other spectators were doing and I noticed a trade show type booth and in it was Di Pede from work. He was selling snowmobile oil and he wanted me to get back to the office to make sure I was in stock. I think I mentioned it was summer right? Well that was finally it. The snowmobile oil on the hot summer day is what finally signaled to my brain that this wasn't real and I woke up.

I told this story to the powercube today, (minus Truman as she is down in Las Vegas at a trade show,) and received mixed reviews.

Colic just stared at me blankly. (I attribute it to jealousy because she didn't make the dream.)

Di Pede's response was different:

He asked me how his sales were at the booth.

All for now,