Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The closest I get...

Just a quick one tonight.

As the rain slowly starts to fall up here in Toronto, our thoughts and prayers go out to those who weren't so lucky.

When the closest I get to being put out is cancelling plans because we "don't want to get wet..."

When the closest I get to destruction is hearing of water above the roofline...

When the closest I get to loss is seeing the tears on the face of a little girl many, many miles away...

When the closest I get to helping is a click, a hope, and a prayer...

As Katrina continues on her path, please remember all those who have been affected. And if you want to help, go to The Red Cross. They know what they're doing.

All for now,

Monday, August 29, 2005

This isn't gonna be cheap

Quick update for those of you who are following along:

My ordeal on the highway the other night from the perspective of under the hood.

At some point during the drive home the radiator had a problem of the "Catastrophic Failure" variety. The details of how or why it happened are sketchy, but the autopsy reveals that the rad split, from the bottom. This is quite rare I am told. The result of a rad split from the bottom is the almost immediate absence of any coolant whatsoever for the engine. At this point the engine begins the overheating process. As I mentioned before, one does not regularly check the gauges that never move, so this overheating was not noticed until the extreme overheating and ruining of the engine had occurred.

Granted I maybe should have noticed something was going wrong, but I can HONESTLY say that until the car actually quit, there was no strange noise and no change in the performance whatsoever. I mean, I was traveling at a constant speed on a relatively uninteresting stretch of freeway...

Anyway, I think I am going to take the Neurotic One's advice and go to the manufacturer. I have a few things in my favour:

1. Although I am past the warranty period, I am only slightly past and this kind of thing shouldn't happen at any point that I own the car.

2. I have a pretty good relationship with the maintenance people at the manufacturer. I have only ever bought cars from them and I hope they want me to come back.

3. I can put up a pretty good fuss about things when I want to. I'd hate to have to play the "I used to be a loyal customer but now I am your biggest enemy and will tell everyone (including strangers) about this experience whenever I can" card.

Keep checking back for the continuing saga...or for other more interesting stuff. I won't bore you all with the play by play.

All for now,

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Please be the water pump

I think I am going to wish that yesterday's $90 was all there was.

I spent most of the morning and into the afternoon today at the Tire trying to figure out what happened to my car last night. It was a little scary.

Driving 401 West from Oshawa, I was just a little east of Meadowvale Rd. (I think) in the Express Lanes. (If you don't know Toronto, the 401 is the major East/West route through the city. Six to Eight lanes each way.) It was about 1am and I was just cruising home, boppin' away to my new Ceasars CD when the car feels like it is bogging a bit. I put my foot on the clutch and look down at the dash to see the engine stop completely and at this point I notice the temperature gauge is red lined. I look in the rear view to see if it is safe to slow down and pull over, (though I really don't have a choice with the slow down part,) and I see a huge cloud trailing my car. Smoke, steam, I don't know, but a cloud nonetheless. I get pulled over to the right shoulder and pop the hood so I can climb out and take a look and maybe pretend I have some idea of what might have happened. I open the hood and wave away the remnants of the cloud, and am disturbed to see green fluid, everywhere that fluid might collect in a engine compartment. Why is my engine coolant everywhere but in the rad? Don't know yet, but it might explain the red lining temperature gauge.

Now I have to call for road side assistance. I rifle through my wallet and find a card from my manufacturer because my car company provides 24 hour service. I call them for help and they inform me that the service ran out at the end of January, exactly three years after I bought the car. There's a problem. So I call CAA even though I don't have a membership because they should still be able to help me out by sending a truck. Here's where I come to problem number 2. I'm not really sure where I am. I know I am on the 401. I know I was traveling Westbound. I know I am in the Express lanes on the right shoulder. But, how far out of the city am I? Normally I would just look right to the side of the highway and find a landmark that I recognize. I try this method and am thwarted by the 12 foot high wall! I'm stopped at one of those sections where the road banks and the Collector lanes are higher than this side of the Express. So I guess that I am a little east of Meadowvale and tell the dispatcher as much. They tell me it could be an hour or two.

So now I wait. In my car. At the side of a high speed freeway. Suddenly feeling vulnerable. I am watching in my rear view as vehicles are coming around the bend and passing by my car at 120km/h. Watching as transports are barreling by and rattling the car. Feeling as though each truck that passes is somehow going to suck my car into the moving traffic. So this is how the tow-truck driver finds me. Seatbelt on, arms firm at my sides, head plastered back to the head rest, hoping that if I get smoked by an 18-wheeler doing 120, that this position will save me.

My guess at my 20 was close enough for the tow-truck to find me, and it only took about 30 minutes. The driver takes a quick look and upon seeing the coolant, says it may be something as simple as a blown rad hose. Ok, blown rad hose wouldn't be too bad. Loading the car onto the bed and hauling back to the local Tire was uneventful. He seemed to have sympathy on me and since I didn't have a membership and this would be coming out of my own pocket, didn't charge me that much for the tow.

After paying the man, I walked to the corner to grab a bus home. From Sheppard and McCowan it would actually be two busses. I look at the schedule, and being after 2am, the bus is only every 45 minutes. And, I just missed one. The taxis seem to be going by about one a minute though. So I grab a cab and finally get home.

This morning I head back to the Tire where I left my car to see if they can tell me it was just a blown rad hose, replace it quick, then send me on my way. Of course it isn't that simple. When the tech finally gets out to my car after three hours of me wandering the store, (I mean, I love the place, but there is only so much to see,) he informs me it could be a couple different things.

1. Broken timing belt and/or water pump assembly. They'll have to pull the cover and check to see if that's the case. If so, they can do the work of replacing the parts all for the low low price of about $595 plus the cost of fluids. Hang on, this is the GOOD option.

2. It could be a blown engine. YIKES! That would set me back several thousand I am sure.

The worst part is that they keep asking me questions that I answer no, or don't really have an answer for:

"Has this ever happened before?"

"Have you had any problems recently?"

"Have you heard any strange noises recently?"
-From the car? No

"Was the Check Engine light on?"
-Before or after the Cloud?

"Did the car stall before it overheated, or the other way around?"
- I don't know. The temperature gauge is usually just hovering around that midway point so you get so used to that after a while that you just assume that it is hovering around the midway point or that they installed it that way at the plant and you kind of stop looking until the engine stops while at highway speed and there is a Cloud.

So now I am praying that the work on my car will cost $595! How cruel is that? Either way, I am on The Better Way for the next little while. As usual, public transit should provide many a story to tell.

All for now,

Big Cloud of Smoke...Coolant Everywhere!

I thought I wasn't going to have anything interesting to write about tonight. I went to my friends' place in Oshawa that I haven't seen in years and had a good visit. I didn't think that was going to be worthy of a post, but the trip home turned out to be.

An emergency stop on the highway, a tow, a Powerade, a cab ride home and $90 later, I am back home.

It is now after 3am and I am done...I'll fill in the details later.

All for now,

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oh, the Wedding I've Seen part II

Ok, where was I? I think I finished with Sarah and Gary's last time...

James and Angie: You'd figure an outdoor wedding in September would be pleasant, but man was it HOT. Especially since James had me dressing in a monkey suit for this one. The cool part about this wedding was where it was held. It was up in Kleinburg at the McMichael Art Gallery. Between the ceremony and the reception, everyone had a chance to view the collection featuring many works by The Group of Seven without the "public" getting in their way. Other highlights of this wedding were James' uncle's speech, (this is a LARGE orange juice?) and his Dad relating to everyone how James and I were the biggest nerds in highschool. Yes, we spent almost every afternoon after school at his house on the computer, what of it?

Todd and Linds: This wedding was loads of fun, too! (I gotta stop saying that, I think they're all mostly fun.) The wedding party on both sides have all been friends for so long that it felt like a real community up there seeing these two come together. I have two most memorable moments from this one. First is when Todd leaned in to kiss the bride and Pastor Mark had to stop him by saying, "Whoa whoa whoa...I'm not done here yet." Todd got so embarrassed he actually took a walk around most of the stage. I think he wanted to be anywhere but there at that moment. The second memory is on the way from pictures to the reception. We had three BIG SUVs for the wedding party and we were in a caravan on the way to the reception hall when Van Halen, Jump comes on the radio. Todd and his bro Brent are the biggest Van Halen fans so the next thing we know, there are three SUVs, windows wide open, blaring Jump as loud as it will go with us honking along on the truck horns. And the best part? The groom is hanging out the window to his knees with Linds holding on to his feet.

Traceee and Steven: I was in this one, too. It's kind of hard to tell from this photo, but if you look closely on the left side. Yeah, see the guy in with the three girls. That's me. That's right, I was a bridesmaid. I have been friends with Trace for a long time and when she asked me to be in the wedding I was thrilled. When she was determined to break tradition and have me stand on her side, I can't say I was surprised. Tracy has always been known to do things a little different and I love her for that. I would put up with any amount of teasing to do that for her. The other "Highlight" of this one was Pace's hair. The day before the wedding, she goes to get her hair done and have some red highlights put in. Boy were they red.

Paul and Susan: This wedding was the very next day after Tracy's, which made for a busy and expensive weekend. Paul was my Youth Leader when I was in school, so it was really cool to see him get married. At the reception, they changed up the rules for getting them to kiss. You had to stand up and sing a song with the word love in it, which isn't that unusual, but they added a twist. The song had to be accompanied by a donation of at least $5 to Sick Kids Hospital. The first few songs were sang and it somehow became the standard that for every dollar raised, the kiss would last that many seconds. Never one to back down from a challenge, I went from table to table gathering change. Then Gary and I got up and sang Fools Rush In, (like Elvis of course,) as Uncle Wally counted the donation...$75!! Let me tell you, Paul was stunned.

Mark and Kaillie: Mark has been my closest friend for a lot of years, so I was glad I got to stand for him at his wedding. I got to give a speech at this one, too, where I had the chance to outline some of the...adventures that Mark and I have got into over the years. I did have to be careful though. Let me explain why. There are a few of us guys that have been friends for so long that every bad story we have about another, they have an equally bad one about us. So while I could have had the entire place roaring with the situations Mark has found himself in, I know that it would only come back to bite me if I ever get married. The worst part now is that whoever is the last guy is done for!

Angela and Kevin: This wedding took place in PEI where Ang and her sis Maureen grew up, so I got to make a road trip out of this one! The pic is Kev on the left, Ang on the right, and Maureen and Me in the middle. This is our curling team in the winter, (Yes, curling.) If you have ever been to a party on the East Coast of Canada, then you know how much fun this was. I got to sit beside a real live fisherman at dinner! Not just a sport fisherman, but someone that actually does it for a living. He was nice enough to put up with all my stupid questions about it, too. Plus the morning before this wedding, I got to play at Brudenell, one of the nicest golf courses in all of Canada.

Kristen and Andrew: I already told you about this one. So I won't repeat myself.

Oh, I still haven't told you about my cousin's wedding. This is my favourite, but also my most embarrassing. I think I was about 13 at the time and my cousin Kim asked me and my sis, (who as 8,) to be in her wedding. I thought this was pretty cool at the time. Kim's brother Paul was also in the wedding and I always liked hanging out with him when I was younger. We had our tuxedos and my sis had her little bridesmaid dress. At 13 though, I had no idea how a tuxedo was supposed to fit. They did all kinds of measuring for the jacket and the pants and I thought they had it all right. Turns out the shirt collar was just a little tight.

During the ceremony I was standing straight as a board and looking straight ahead, you know 'cause I didn't want to ruin anything at my cousins wedding. But then I started to feel a little warm. I nudged Paul on my right, (who was also standing rigid and looking straight ahead,) and said, "I don't feel so good." His response to me was, "Shh!" I think he was worried about ruining the wedding, too. The next thing I remember is sitting on a milk crate in the hall.

I had fainted. Fallen straight forward onto my face right in the middle of the vows. My Dad and Step-mum's account of the story is pretty good. Cheri sees me go down and immediately my sis starts to ball.
She says to my Dad, "Kevin fainted!"
"Yeah I see that!" he replies.
"So go and help him!"
"What, run up there to the front?"
In all honesty, I think he was in shock that it happened. Much like my cousin Paul, who reportedly stood there and looked down at me for a good amount of time before realizing what had transpired.

So like I said, the next thing I remember is being in the hall with my Dad, sitting on a milk crate, with a sore hand, face, and severely bruised ego. I did make it back out for the end of the ceremony where everyone walks back with the girl across from them. In my case is was my sis who was still balling.

A lot of people came up to me the rest of the night to ask me if I was ok, and to let me know that it was one of the most exciting weddings they had been at thanks to me. The worst one was the guy with the video camera who came up to me to say, "Could you do that again...I missed it!" Wow, I wanted to poke that guy in the eyes...

All for now,

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oh, the Wedding I've Seen

And been in...man, I was a lot bigger back when Todd and Linds got married.

Thanks to all the nostalgia going on at some of the other blogs I frequent, (Magazine Man, Nickerblog, Naiahdot) and with my sis' wedding just last weekend, I feel I should take you on a trip down memory lane regarding the weddings that I have attended/taken part in over the years. Unlike MM and Shane, I am going to give you the story in one sitting. See, I am still getting used to this writing thing. I am more of a stand-up-and-tell-the-story-using-all-the-hand-gestures-body-language-and-funny-voices-I-can kind of story teller.

I'll go chronologically for the most part. I can't guarantee I've got all the years right in my head though.

My Dad's Wedding: My parents are divorced so this is the second wedding of course. This one was quick and easy. In fact, my sis and I really could've waited in the car. City hall in front of a Justice of the Peace.
"Do you?"
"I do"
"You? Same question."
"You're married."
My Dad asks, "Am I supposed to kiss her?"
"You can if you want..."
My sis, "Now what do we do?"
My new step-Mum, "Now we go to the Keg."
My sis, "Hooray!!" (she was like 5)
(incidentally, do they have the Keg in the states? It is steak restaurant. My 5-year-old sis wasn't cheering for a keg party or anything)

My Cousin's Wedding: My sis and I were in this one, too. I'll tell you more later...it's my favourite.

My Mum's Wedding: This one was a pretty normal as weddings go, but I got to participate here, too. My Mum's Dad died when I was a baby, so because he wasn't around, I walked my Mum down the aisle and "gave her away" as it were. (And all the women go "Awwwww")

My Aunt's Wedding: I played a small part in this one. I lit one of the family candles. You know, the ones where a family member from each side lights one then the bride and groom light the one candle with the two. The thing I remember about this one is that we were supposed to have the ceremony outside but it rained all morning so we had to move indoors. By the time we got the ceremony over with though, the it was sunny and we did pictures in the garden so it all worked out.

Brad and Lindsay: This was a fun wedding! The only time I ever dance is at weddings, (and apparently work Christmas parties...I really gotta stop that,) so I remember us all crowding the dance floor for such Scarborough highschool classics as Jump Around, Let Your Backbone Slide, and Funky Cold Medina. The stupid thing is, I never listen to rap music, but I can rhyme off every line to Jump Around like it was my favourite song. Another funny thing about this wedding is the picture of me sitting at a table with like 28 empty beer bottles in front of me. Now I didn't, (DID NOT) drink that much beer. My table was near the dance floor and that is where the empties all ended up.

The next few get fuzzy in order of timeline:

Rob and Laura: Another fun party that included line dancing, (sans Kef,) and cigars on the patio. All Amy seems to remember about this one is the bridesmaid dress she had to wear, (ask her about it.) And, of course there was Todd trying to pick up the best man's girlfriend.

Marty and Joy: This one was at my church. Ceremony in the aud and dinner in the gym. The most memorable thing about this one is the fact that Marty had to walk, (read: hobble) down the aisle on crutches. Why, you might ask? That was partly my fault. You see, one week before this winter wedding, we were all out tobogganing. Now, when we go tobogganing the guys usually bring the GT SnoRacers! Or just GT's as we call them. Here was the scene:
Kef: This is pretty icy, I bet you we can get going pretty fast.
Marty: I think there's a jump at the bottom, you think I can hit it?
Kef: Yeah go...I'll be right behind you!
I would've been, too, had he not hit the jump, flew 3 or 4 metres, landed, then screamed like no man should ever scream. Turns out he absolutely DESTROYED his ankle. Had to have surgery where they put in a plate and several bolts. I'm just glad it wasn't me who had to call Joy.

Sarah and Gary: This wedding ceremony was at our church, then the reception was out in Oakville. It was a low key, buffet style reception where we could just mill around and chat. There were some speeches though, and that is what I remember. Boomer, who is Sarah's sis, gets a little emotional at times and when she was giving her speech and the waterworks started, the nose also started. The next thing we hear is the loudest, wettest, SNOTTIEST sniff you have ever heard. To this day I swear she wiped her nose with the microphone.

Ok, I think I lied. It's like five to the hour and I'm thinking, "I can't wrap this up now, it's gonna have to be a TBC!!"

Part 2 tomorrow...
All for now,

I hung a shelf!

Man, my desk is a mess. Don't look there, look at the shelf!

It's not so much that I hung the shelf, it's that the shelf is now finally solidly hung after a good sixteen months of being partially hung. You see, I consider myself pretty handy compared to the thousands of men out there who wouldn't know a Robertson from a Phillips, I just don't get a lot of chances to display that handiness. And, if something does go wrong, I like to put everything down, step back and take a break so I don't make things worse. Ok, so sixteen months is maybe a little too long of a break...

As most men do though, I take pride in a couple of things when it comes to being handy:

1. I know how to use the tools that I own.

The last thing I need to hear when I go over to a buddy's house is, "Come see what I got for my birthday. It's in the garage." Upon entering the garage he makes the "TA-DA" gesture and exclaims, "See, a brand new Complex Mitter Saw!"

*SMACK* - That is the sound of my own hand hitting my own forehead.

"That's Compound Mitre Saw. Do you even know what that does?"

"No, but I been waiting till you got here to try it out!"

"What, on me? You don't even have... How were you gonna... Aw, just take it back before you hurt yourself!"

2. When I don't have the tool I need, I can make it out of the tools that I have.

Now, I may sound like a bit of a hypocrite after #1 but I can assure you, the disciplines are separate. In fact, #2 comes from the extreme application of #1. I don't have a compound mitre saw, but I can make a mitre cut if I need to with the tools that I do own. If I didn't have a level handy - I always do, but if I didn't - all I would need is a piece of string, something heavy, and a ruler. You can apply #2 in a more situational fashion as well. By this I am referring to the, "My hammer is in the other room but I have this heavy wrench in my hand" variety of improvisation.

If my Dad read this he would probably phone me right now to ask who raised me like this. So for him, I include this caveat, with a personal example. #2 can also come back to haunt you depending on how far you take it.

See my shelf? Sixteen months ago I hung this shelf on the wall between my bedroom and my roommate's bedroom. The apartment building I live in is more than 30 years old. It still has fuses instead of breakers, boiler heat that is centrally controlled and always 5-10 degrees too hot in the winter, and 2 inch thick internal walls that are constructed with a strange combination of metal, concrete, and plaster. This wall construction posed several problems. The first is the fact that most wall anchors are designed for you to drill a hole that goes at least 2 inches into the wall. I can't do that or my roommate would need a Rita Hayworth poster. It also meant that despite being able to "modify" the drywall anchors that I had to about an inch and a half, I should have gone back to the store to get concrete and plaster wall anchors.

I didn't.

It became clear shortly after installing the bracket that the weight of the shelf alone was going to pull the modified anchors right out of the perfectly drilled pilot holes. (Yes they were perfect, I had to say I did something right.) I could have fixed this by going up to the Tire and getting the proper equipment right away. But, as I said I do, I stepped back and took a break, you know just to ensure I didn't make things worse...

Anyway, the shelf is up...I think that was my point this time.
I'll be back later, some of the other blogs have got me a little nostalgic...

All for now,

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

When it wanders do I follow?

Even the big city can be beautiful sometimes...

There were so many fewer questions
When stars were still just the holes to Heaven
Holes to Heaven - Jack Johnson

That's from a movie I just watched. "Thicker Than Water" a film by Jack Johnson and The Malloys. There are two things I loved about this film: First, I have always been a fan of Jack Johnson. His music always takes me away to a place where you can just sit around a fire on the beach and play guitar, or ukelele, or drum, and all sing together through the night until you watch the sun rise over the ocean. Secondly, it is a movie about surfing. Now I don't surf, but I have always been a fan of this kind of film. The kind where you get to travel the world looking for the best places to surf, bike, skateboard, ski, snowboard, climb, etc. and meet the locals who do these things, or think you are absolutely crazy for doing them. Now I only do two of those activities I mentioned, (biking and skiing) and at nowhere near a "make a documentary with me in" level. But every time I watch one of these films it makes me believe I can do any of them. This is dangerous. I watch "Thicker Than Water" and I think to myself, "I can surf, heck it looks like anyone could!" It makes me want to pick up and go to California, (why not, I'm on holidays this week,) buy a wetsuit, rent a board, get myself a surfing sensei and live on the beach until I can ride that wave into the sand! Hey, my Sis learned to surf when she went down there and the only thing that stopped her was a sting ray to the foot. I actually even looked up flights before settling down and doing the "grown up" thing. And, apparently the "grown up" thing is closing the browser on the Airline page and blogging about it...*sigh*

I think I forgot what my original point was...(see how it wanders?) Oh yeah! I was watching the movie and seeing all the beautiful places they were going to surf in the world. I was contemplating how much more beautiful those place were than this one. As I was thinking of the beach, I looked out my 18th floor window of my apartment at the corner of the 401 and Don Valley Parkway, (the two busiest freeways in the T-dot,) and I saw the sunset, (see above.) This reminded me that there is beauty here in this city, too. Enough to keep me grounded here and not flying off to the west coast at the drop of a hat. Is that good or bad? Some would argue good, it shows I take my responsibilities seriously. Others would say bad, I'm young, I should have my adventures while I can. Who's to say who is right? I like to keep one foot on each side of the line, even though I tend to have both on the safe side more often than not. The comments of my Sis and her friend Karen ring loudly in my head though.

"Just do it. If you don't now, you won't get the chance later!"

Hmm, we'll see...

Nerds grow up...

They get older at least. Was out at JWE's house tonight and we did something that happened many, many, MANY times during highschool, university, and the years since. (only a couple years since) We sat and played video games. And, it was JUST like old times but for a few exceptions as follows:
1. The evening started with a dinner of spring rolls, grilled sausages, and grilled peppers with home made fudge and cookies for dessert. A far cry from the pizza pops and jell-o we used to eat.
2. We stopped playing video games at a certain point to watch a PBS documentary special on the evolution of the video game.
3. I had to leave before 11pm as he had to get up at 5am to get ready for work.

Now the Neurotic One and I have had some - adventures? - over the years the usually revolve in some way around the computer or latest video game system. (I may pull some recollections of those events out of the vault if I run out of fun stuff to talk about.) The "Video Game Nights" or "Weekends" that would sometimes happen are getting much fewer and farther between as we age. Maybe this is a sign of us maturing, of something in our minds moving away from the need of that type of stimulus and changing to a new way of thinking and processing information. Then I remember an email I got from JWE just the other day that is transcribed here, and I think, "no, we are still nerds," just with more money to spend on toys and less time to use them.

Plus, if I truly matured, I wouldn't find stuff like this new one from the boys at HSR funny at all.

All for now,

Monday, August 22, 2005

My baby sis got married...

This past weekend was spent mostly in Kingston at my sister's wedding. Yes, my sister's wedding. My baby sister is now married. Though really she is FAR from being my baby sis any more. She is far more independent than me and has been for a lot of years since she first moved out to British Columbia for school in 2000. Also I am not worried at all since the guy she married is totally awesome. Andrew is a great guy, brilliant, and a racing fan, (course it is F1, not Nascar like myself.) (The pic is me (middle) with Kristy and Andrew at Merchants)

Friday afternoon was a small service with just immediate family and their close friends that stood as witnesses. Andrew's Dad and Step-mum came in from Chicago and his Brother and Sister in Law came all the way from Korea. My Dad and Step-mum are in Belleville, and my Mum and Step-dad are in Brampton, and of course I am in the T-dot, so there wasn't nearly as far to come for Kristen's family. It was a nice, (read: short) service as Ban Righ hall on campus at Queen's, then we went to Pan Chancho for dinner...Awesome.

Saturday was a 1000 Island Cruise leaving from Kingston for a three hour tour. Luckily we didn't end up as cast aways. For this there were more friends and many more of the extended family, (uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.) Great food again and a fun time was had by all. After the cruise we let anyone who was tired go home or to their hotels and the rest of us went and hung out at Merchants, a little pub right by the hotel a lot of ppl were staying at.

All in all it was a Friggin' Awesome weekend. Even all the families coming together worked. There was some mixing and chatting between the Mum side and Dad side of Kristy and my family. Going in that was the one thing I could say I was a little concerned about. But, everyone was there to celebrate for Kristen and Andrew and it was just fun all around.

Congrats to my Sis and new Bro. May God bless you as you start your new life together.

All for now,

P.S. There are more pics in the Kristen & Andrew's Wedding album at my old site.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Guess I'm not that big a nerd...

Ok I suck at HTML. This is gonna take a lot of reading page sources and copy and pasting and crap. Well, I wanted more flexible. I might have to get the Neurotic One to give me a crash course.

I am slowly moving over here from the old site. I'll have a big Grand Opening Sale when I am settled!

All for now,

hmmm...this is nice. I'll take it.

I think I like it here. I'll prolly move in soon.
All for now,