Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Heads or Tails

Today I proved that odds are in favour of the flipper, (as opposed to the caller...not the flippee.) I know what you're thinking: the odds of flipping a coin are 50-50, right?


Let me explain. There are three ways that a coin can land when you flip it: Heads, Tails, or on it's edge. Today I flipped a coin to decide if I was going to make an afternoon Starbucks run. Heads I go, Tails I don't. It came to rest up on it's edge. No kidding! Of course now I was faced with the paradox of neither going nor not going to Starbucks, (follow that?) I instead took it to mean I should make my own decision and not leave it to chance, so I went. Anyway, what this incredible event proved is that it's not 50-50 when you flip a coin. It's more like 49.[some long string of 9's] Heads vs. the same Tails, and some very small fraction left over for the edge. Really though, when something like that happens, who doesn't try to do it again immediately? I flipped the coin two more times and it came up Heads both times, so what I really proved today is that when you flip a coin, two thirds of the time it will come up Heads, and the other third it will land on it's edge.

Hey, like the government and TV execs, I can make stats say anything I want.

If fact, tonight I'm going to prove that 100% of Kevin's prefer Dairy Queen to the gym on Tuesdays.

All for now,

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wrapping up Winter

Well, it was a hard fought battle but our team couldn't pull through for the win on Friday, so that means another curling season is pretty much in the books. The other team still has a game on Monday that might be worth some cash but that'll be it. All the snow around here is gone, even the giant mall parking lot piles, and today it is raining which is good because it gets most of the crummy winter salt off the road. Winter truly is over, which gets me thinking about this summer.

I've had the 'spring' jacket on for a while, (even for a few days that probably were too cold.) I pulled out the carpet car mats and they're ready to go in. I ran outside for the first time this past week; I've been on the treadmill all winter. I put the bike back together a while back, (I was hopeful,) including the new aero bars I got a Christmas. I bought myself a race wetsuit that I am dying to try. Then I started looking at my calendar...

Yeah, if you want to do anything with me on any weekend over the summer, you'd better let me know now.

The first thing I did was put all the races from the Subaru series in. Eleven races in total, but I hope to hit nine of them. I actually did this a ways back to work out the training schedule, but this is the first time I've tried to see how the rest of the summer shaped up. Next I put in the weddings. The Roomy and Ang, Boomer and Ryguy, Crustina and Andrew, (yeah, he doesn't have a nickname.) Plus my cousin but that isn't until October. Four weddings...not like I haven't done that before. (Just no funeral, please.) Next was the camping weekends. I think there is only one for sure but maybe I can squeeze in a couple more. Also, I think I am going back to baseball this year. Chucky asked me to play on the Wishing Well men's team this year so that should be fun. There's the weekend away with the Youth Leaders... Ugh, I haven't even figured out when I am going to golf yet, plus I have to move at some point. I can see September coming and I won't even know how it got here.

Anyway, I think the point was that I am excited about this next season and how it's going to unfold. I'm sure over the next couple of weeks there will be even more that I will have to shoehorn into the calendar but it always seems to work out.

Now I just have to pray that we don't get the one last Easter snow storm for which the TDot is famous.

All for now,