Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another Wedding and some Crap

This past weekend my cousin Paul got married. That's him and his new wife Julie. Yes, I was at another wedding but it was a blast. I love weddings, and although this is up to...um...six or seven for this year, (considering I missed one,) I still had loads of fun. Paul is the sister of the cousin in whose wedding I experienced my most embarrassing moment. (If you click over to check, it is the faint and fall flat on my nose moment.)

It was cool of course to see the fam I don't see all that often.

Especially my crazy sister and her new husband!

I just got back from curling. Got our first win of the season tonight.

Eating pizza. Leftover from Sunday night. Do you think that two day old garlic dipping sauce is ok? It was in the fridge.

Just listened to a couple of Depeche Mode songs off the new album. (Thanks Jenn!) Definitely moved to the top of my CDs I need list.

And oh yeah! I got some crap in the mail!

Ok, I don't think it is crap, but that is what MM called it when he did his Giveaway of Crap. This is what was called a Crapload of Manga. I love Manga, a lot of the time for the almost complete randomness of the story ideas. In the picture you see the following:

1. Two books about some guys who race cars.

2. Four books about a girl that talks to giant bugs, (I love Nausicaa (I can't do an umlaut for the second A))

3. Two books about a Rabbit Samurai, (Ronin to be specific.)

4. A random book about cats.

5. My duvet cover from Ikea. Pretty stylish eh? Too bad the duvet in it is so stinkin' hot considering my apartment is always 28 Celcius, even in the winter. (Sorry, off topic.)

6. The customs slip that said I owed $2.80 in GST, (our Federal tax, man I love government,) and a $5.00 "Handling Fee."

This was a little annoying to have to pay tax on something that if originally purchased in the States would have already been taxed. The silver lining on this cloud however is the fact that they gave the books a somewhat arbitrary value of $40.00 when they opened and inspected them, instead of the over $200 face value of the eight volumes. That would have been $14.00 in redundant sales tax, which would still have not been too shabby considering Mr. M. Mann of Somewhere on the Masthead was kind enough to pay the shipping costs to me here in the Tdot from...somewhere...in the Midwest ;). And oh yeah, send me his books!

Anyway, I have some work to do now to "pay" for this wonderful stuff. (I was going to say crap, but couldn't do it because I am already enjoying it so much. Did you know the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in one of the Usagi Yojimbo books?!)

If you read the Masthead, you'll know what I'm in for. If not, stay tuned. I have already recruited Truman, Colic and DiPede, (good friends from the Tire,) to help me in this endeavour, but we may wait a little to get closer to Christmas when it means a little more. (MM let me know if this is ok or if you are looking for immediate implementation.)

This next part better be fun to make up for cutting back on the coffee.

All for now,


Blogger Jennifer Lankenau said...

I need to get in on this blogsphere-wide garage sale.
Maybe I can get some of y'all to buy my art!

Re: DM: No prob.

10/27/2005 11:40 PM  

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