Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Everyone Loves a Parade

Yes, that is me with Mario Andretti! This was one of my highlights from this year's Products Parade.

But Kef, what is this Products Parade of which you speak?

My first response to that is who are you? None of my friends' grammar is that good. Next response is to describe it to you.

Every year the Tire has a Dealer Convention. This is where each of the Associate Dealers of our some 500 stores gather in one city for meetings, fun, etc. Part of this event is the Products Parade. I and the rest of Team 188 come in here.

Each buying team is responsible for several booths at this trade show type gathering. They can bring in vendors, product displays, or new store merchandising ideas for the Dealers to look at. Now if you have nothing to do with retailing, then you are probably bored already, so I will quickly move on.

My part, and the part of the rest of my team, was to get ready for the show, then man the booths. Tuesday and Wednesday were setup days then Thursday and Friday we were on. The best part about the week was the funny stuff that I and my team got into, and the funny pictures I got of a lot of this happening. The last post shows some of the fun of the setup days. Colic will never live down that "smile" if you can call it that.

Other highlights included:

The "one hour" mid-day trip back to the office.
Truman (on the cell): You seen Colic?
Harrison: Colic is MIA!

The morning stop at Timmy's.
Colic (on the cell): TRUMAN! We love you! So... We were wondering... since we're coming to get you... if you wouldn't mind... maybe... if you have time...
Truman: Colic. Tell me what you want before I strangle you through the phone.

The cool stuff they had at the show. That is a real Orange County Chopper.

The chics hanging out on the cool stuff they had at the show.

Relaxing with the freebies near the end of the show.

Or, just relaxing in general at the end of the show.

This is Stewie, our current co-op. His name isn't really Stewie, but Colic thought he looked like a Stewie, so that is now his name.

We can celebrate with friends that we made it...

After the final tear down.

And it is always good to catch the boss looking confused.

All in all it was a fun, if not slightly stressful week.

And, a few days away from the desk does wonders.

All for now,


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