Saturday, September 03, 2005

Tire Moment of the Week

Remember my work colleagues? Remember the tidbits of wisdom that I get from them and the fun we seem to have. Well we do. To refresh, I share what I call a power-cube, (others might call it a pod,) with Truman, Colic, and DiPede. We started a new tradition this week.

The "Tire Moment of the Week."

It sounds pretty big, and it should probably be the "Team 188 Moment of the Week" but we started it, so we get to name it. This whole thing started with the original Quote of the Now which was, "Autumn is like Sunday." This indescribably brilliant piece of wisdom came from the mind of Colic, but at the time we did not know it was only the beginning. We started to notice that on occasion, the silence, or current conversation, was broken by an astonishing, yet completely random statement by one of us in the power-cube. This moment was usually followed by great pause, then me saying, "I'm writing this down."

And so started the List.

The List is the series of sticky notes along the ledge of my shelf on which is written all of the noteworthy, uncanny utterances. It was decided that at the end of each week, we should choose a favourite from the weekly List. So, at noon today, Friday September 2nd, we made the call on the first ever Tire Moment of the Week.

This one needs a little background, let me set it up for you:

Part 1: Monday morning, DiPede arrives at work and relates the tale of his summer roller hockey team. They spent most of the season in last place but by some miracle, they squeaked into the playoffs, won a series of games, then defeated the best team in the league for the championship. Each player on his team received a medal to commemorate this event. Naturally feeling proud of this accomplishment, he brings the medal in to share with the team.

Part 2: Completely unrelated to Part 1: Truman is preparing for what we call a "Big Think" meeting off site for the remainder of Monday and Tuesday. They will be thinking strategically about her business and basically ripping it apart piece by piece, so of course she is a little nervous.

Part 1 and 2 come together:
Truman: Ok peoples! See you all Wednesday. Off to the big meeting. Wish me luck!
DiPede: Wanna take the medal?
Truman: Yeah Ok! [takes the medal, folds the ribbon, and places in her pocket]
Colic: [bursts out laughing]
Kef: This is going on the list

All week we would come across a moment and wonder if it was the next big one, but every time we did we kept coming back to the fact that Truman took DiPede's hockey medal to the "Big Think" as inspiration.

Some times it's amazing we get so much, (read: anything at all,) done!

All for now,


Blogger Jennifer Lankenau said...

You and my husband, Bryan, sound like you would have some awesome office war-stories to share.

9/06/2005 12:01 AM  

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