Tuesday, August 23, 2005

When it wanders do I follow?

Even the big city can be beautiful sometimes...

There were so many fewer questions
When stars were still just the holes to Heaven
Holes to Heaven - Jack Johnson

That's from a movie I just watched. "Thicker Than Water" a film by Jack Johnson and The Malloys. There are two things I loved about this film: First, I have always been a fan of Jack Johnson. His music always takes me away to a place where you can just sit around a fire on the beach and play guitar, or ukelele, or drum, and all sing together through the night until you watch the sun rise over the ocean. Secondly, it is a movie about surfing. Now I don't surf, but I have always been a fan of this kind of film. The kind where you get to travel the world looking for the best places to surf, bike, skateboard, ski, snowboard, climb, etc. and meet the locals who do these things, or think you are absolutely crazy for doing them. Now I only do two of those activities I mentioned, (biking and skiing) and at nowhere near a "make a documentary with me in" level. But every time I watch one of these films it makes me believe I can do any of them. This is dangerous. I watch "Thicker Than Water" and I think to myself, "I can surf, heck it looks like anyone could!" It makes me want to pick up and go to California, (why not, I'm on holidays this week,) buy a wetsuit, rent a board, get myself a surfing sensei and live on the beach until I can ride that wave into the sand! Hey, my Sis learned to surf when she went down there and the only thing that stopped her was a sting ray to the foot. I actually even looked up flights before settling down and doing the "grown up" thing. And, apparently the "grown up" thing is closing the browser on the Airline page and blogging about it...*sigh*

I think I forgot what my original point was...(see how it wanders?) Oh yeah! I was watching the movie and seeing all the beautiful places they were going to surf in the world. I was contemplating how much more beautiful those place were than this one. As I was thinking of the beach, I looked out my 18th floor window of my apartment at the corner of the 401 and Don Valley Parkway, (the two busiest freeways in the T-dot,) and I saw the sunset, (see above.) This reminded me that there is beauty here in this city, too. Enough to keep me grounded here and not flying off to the west coast at the drop of a hat. Is that good or bad? Some would argue good, it shows I take my responsibilities seriously. Others would say bad, I'm young, I should have my adventures while I can. Who's to say who is right? I like to keep one foot on each side of the line, even though I tend to have both on the safe side more often than not. The comments of my Sis and her friend Karen ring loudly in my head though.

"Just do it. If you don't now, you won't get the chance later!"

Hmm, we'll see...


Blogger Magazine Man said...

I was like...wait a sec, wasn't he on MSN, where it was a pain to log in and comment?

Well, good, now you're on Blogger like me, where the templates go all hinky in the middle of the night and you wake up to find your blog reduced to the HTML equivalent of a test pattern.

(It only happened to me once, though...)

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