Monday, September 05, 2005

Good thing that picture fell behind the desk

A photo of photos. This is how I decorate. I take pictures of stuff then put it up on my walls to look at. We've been in this apartment for more than a year and a half and this is the first bit of "decorating" that has been done in the main room, (other than the paint which helps a bit.) But until this weekend we had three really big, empty, brown walls.

Now we have two! But it's a start. Heck, I still don't have curtains.

I had a pretty lazy day. But to be honest, I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. I mean, I did some laundry, but that is just going up and down in the elevator a few times. The machines really do all the work. I hung up those photos, but really that was just the hammering of four nails as they were framed more than a week ago, (hurray for procrastination!) I went for a walk, but that was just down to the Pizza Pizza because all I have to eat in the house is frozen breakfast sausages and milk.

The crowning achievement of my day however, was the fact that I watched eight hours of CSI. That's right, other than the walk, and the break to play playstation with a couple of friends that came over, I did nothing but watch Grissom and the team solve the crimes of Las Vegas with their quick wit and the awesomeness of science.

I love this show, and I mean I truly enjoy watching it. It is the only show I make a point to watch each week. In fact it may be the only show I watch other than sports and Sportcentre. It reminds me that science rules, (Thank you Bill Nye.) It reminds me that you can't get away with a crime, (and that makes me feel better.) It reminds me that the guidance councilors at my high school sucked, (I totally could have been a CSI.)

Watching this much of the show I love in one sitting though, has started to remove a bit, (but just a bit,) of the magic. I start to realize where Hollywood steps in to keep us glued to the set hour after hour. Here are a few of examples, and I'll apologize ahead of time if I ruin the experience for any of you.

1. The phone always rings at just the right time.
Not only do the callers wait until the very end of the important conversation that is currently happening, they more often than not provide the key information the CSI was just waiting for. The other side of the coin is when the caller phones at just the right time to bail out the CSI from a conversation that isn't going so well, (like when Grissom has to deal with that egotistical sheriff that moonlights as the President's head of security on 24.)

2. The CSI in Las Vegas sometimes get lucky.
That is the only word I can think of for this one. I'll give you an example. Sara and Grissom are looking at the pictures on the wall of a patient in a mental hospital. They are noticing the dark nature of the art he has created and discussing the origin of the images. One of those nature versus nurture conversations. Sara reaches for one of the drawings and it falls off the wall and behind the desk. To retrieve the lost drawing they move the desk out and this reveals a ventilation grate. Sara tests the grate and it opens easily to reveal what I can only describe as a whack of evidence.

3. Tests and searches happen much faster for the Las Vegas CSI.
When you put a fingerprint in the computer to look for a match, it takes minutes. DNA tests come back while you're still on shift, and almost always with conclusive results. Autopsies are performed immediately and the doctor can always walk the CSI through the most important part so they can help form the conclusion. The Photoshop techs are better than any I have ever seen. Did you know there is a wipe that completely restores a person's face to it's original state?

I still love the show. I just think I need to stick to the one hour a week, (with maybe one or two reruns a week.)

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Anonymous Sandra said...

I kind of adore Grissom...and shamelessly watched probably 6 hours of CSI when I had the flu a few weeks ago. They really are a clever bunch...!

9/06/2005 9:18 PM  

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