Sunday, September 11, 2005

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Time for the Tire Moment of the Week!

This week goes to Truman again. She was having a rough day Friday. Her shoes that looked like they should have been comfortable were hurting her feet, things were not going her way, and I guess her lunch kinda got away on her. I'll play it out for you.

Scene: At the Subway at lunch. Kef, Colic and Truman decided they needed to get away from the desks for a little bit. We had finished lunch and were getting to the point we should head back...
Truman: I have to go to the bathroom. [stands up]
Truman: My foot hurts. :(
Truman: And there's lettuce on my chair. :(
Truman: And now I'm becoming one of those girls that complains about everything. :(

I couldn't help it. It was kinda cute and it made Colic and me both laugh so it gets the spot this week. There were a couple other moments that were in the running this week and I feel they deserve honourable mentions.

Honourable mention #1: At the start of this same lunch on Friday when we were still deciding where to eat. Standing on the corner of Yonge and Eglinton.
Colic: How about Spring Rolls?
Truman: Meh
Kef: Meh. The bagel place?
Colic: Meh.
Truman: I'm off bagels. (more on that later)
Colic: How about Swiss Charlet? (it's what she calls Swiss Chalet) You guys feel like a quarter chicken?
Kef: ummm...
Truman: ummm...
Colic: You don't have to get the quarter chicken, you could get the kaiser on a bun.
Truman: The kaiser IS the bun.
Colic: [confused look] Oh yeah!

Honourable mention #2: This one stems from a challenge that was put forth to the members of my power cube, by us, so I guess it is basically a self-challenge. Our buying team number is 188. So, we have started the Team 188 Health Challenge. It started as a way to cheer/egg each other on with regard to becoming healthier in our day to day living, instead of just talking like we might at some point get healthy.

The Challenge has the following five rules:

1. Must work out twice / week.

2. Only eat chocolate once / week. (Excluding chocolate milk)

3. Must bring lunch twice / week.

4. Must drink 1.5 L of water / day.

5. Must eat one snack of fruit or vegetable / day at work.

They are pretty simple rules that may seem easy to follow, but we wanted to give ourselves something we could achieve before setting the bar too high. Rule 2 comes from the fact that our team has somewhat of an addiction to chocolate. Mini candy bars, Tim Horton's hot chocolate, etc. But, one of the only things that keeps Truman coming in to work each day is her chocolate milk in the morning, so we decided that it was probably healthy enough to let her have it.

We have each set personal goals for this challenge and are measuring them with a weigh in each Thursday morning. I brought in my scales that give weight and body fat percentage. Now, I can't post what each team member's stats were or the only thing you would be reading from now on would be unfinished manuscripts published posthumously to this blog, but I can tell you what we learned from the first weigh in:

The girls don't need to participate in the Team 188 Health Challenge, only the boys do.

Upon recording each team member's first weigh in, I did some research on body fat percentages and what they mean. DiPede and I have some work to do. The girls on the other hand have a head start, in fact we discovered that Colic is actually in the range they attribute to athletes.

This started a bit of fun with the team. You see, Colic is what you might call, a "girlie girl." Athlete is not the first word that comes to mind when you think of her. For example, earlier in the summer Truman and I were talking about softball which we both play, when I mentioned I got a triple. Colic asked what a triple was. Yes, it may be an honest question and I am not criticizing, but it is not a question an "athlete" would ask.

So, when Colic discovered that she had the body fat percentage of an athlete, she got up and proceeded to "run" around the power cube while singing the Rocky theme. (Bonus points to the first person to tell me the title of the “Rocky Theme” song.) So, except that there wasn't any real dialogue involved in this incident, it might have been this week's Moment.

Now I think I am going to go get this week's chocolate out of the way early.

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