Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am twentysomething

I have received a couple of comments about my profile excerpt which you can probably see a little to the right and up from here, (or a little right and a lot up if it is not October 19 or 20.) It seems some people (Mum) think that I am misrepresenting myself by describing myself as a "twentysomething".

I am Twenty-Eight.

There, it is out there now, but despite that, I am still twenty-"something". I'm not really sure what the big deal is. I am not clear on what my Mum meant by "misrepresenting myself" unless she thought that I was trying to pick up via a web log. Trust me, I am not blogging for dates, (though I am single and...what the?...stop it!)

There have been however, several incidents in the past couple of weeks that have drawn attention to the fact that I and the people around me are getting older:

1. My roommate turned 30. This shouldn't be a big problem for a guy right? I don't think it was. He gets teased a lot from the kids in SWAT and there was a sort of public humiliation involving the entire congregation singing Happy Birthday to him at church on Sunday, but all in all I think he came out of it ok. We went and stuffed ourselves with wings and brownies at TJ's in Brampton while watching the hockey game on the Saturday, and the Leafs won, so it was all good.

2. Truman is having a birthday soon. She is only turning 26, but I think that the move from early twenties to late twenties is sinking in. In fact there was a funny exchange surrounding this upcoming event:

[on the daily walk to Timmy's]
Truman: Oh, I love Grazzie! We shall celebrate here on my birthday.
Colic: Ok
Kef: Ok
[later, back in the office]
Colic: Ok, I'm sending the invitations for your birthday.
Truman: NO! I changed my mind. I don't want a party. No celebrating my birthday.

It's four years from now, but I am dreading her turning thirty...there will be trauma.

3. My Mum pointing out that I am getting to the end of the twentysomething phase of my life. I really don't know why she draws attention to the fact that I am getting older. If I am almost thirty, that means she is...ok I'd better not.

4. Jenn over on her blog has a countdown going to her thirtieth. Right down to the minute! I don't think she has to worry though. She still plays video games and bubble wraps her dog and calls it art. I admire the young at heart.

5. I am reading a book about a girl that turns thirty. It is a girl book, (written by a girl, about a girl, for girls to read,) and there is no sane reason that I, (a boy,) should be reading it except that I must, in order to win an argument with Colic. More on this later probably. (No, I am not telling you what book it is.)

So not only is it getting older, but it is turning or approaching thirty that seems to be in the forefront lately. Obviously a function of being this age and having a bunch of friends this age. Hopper did it a couple years back, the Roomy a couple weeks back, JWE is next, (some time in Q1 but I will not say because I always get it wrong, usually exactly one day late.)

Getting older is a fact of life that I have no control over and honestly it doesn't bother me. At least not consciously. Maybe something in my sub-conscious is screaming in terror at the approach of the big three-oh. I doubt it though. Usually I forget how old I am and have to do the math from this year to my year of birth.

Now all I have to do is forget how to do math!

All for now,


Blogger Angel said...

It's so true...Always one day think it's because you are reaching the end of your twentysomething's ;)

btw...when's the next aXis?

10/20/2005 7:17 AM  
Blogger Jwe said...

"though I am single and...what the?...stop it!"

Ha ha... Seriously folks... give this guy a date! ;p


So what you get my birthday one day late... half my family miss it alltogether!

Oh, and so you can remember it... 12-Jan-1976. Its perma-blogged now.


10/20/2005 7:53 AM  

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