Sunday, January 29, 2006

Go Raps!

I went to my first NBA Basketball game tonight! Yes I know, I live in a town that has had a basketball franchise for more than ten years and this is the first game I have seen live? What can I say, I pick lacrosse, hockey, football, and even baseball over basketball. It's hard to keep up in a town with five professional sports franchises. (Six if you count the Marlies, but I am talking major league teams here.)

I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The whole evening out with Maureen was wonderful in fact. We had a great dinner at Joe Badali's, (Black bean soup followed by chicken, mushroom and red pepper pesto penne. Maureen had a salad and butternut squash raviolli... mmm) Then, we made our way over to the ACC for the game between the Raptors and the Sacramento Kings.

Like the other Toronto teams playing right now, they had a good lead late into the fourth quarter, then gave it up to end the regulation time tied. Unlike the Leafs however, they pulled it out in overtime for a 124 to 123 win.

I'm just glad they beat Artest...the bum.

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Anonymous sandra said...

It's understandable. You'd lose your citizenship if you didn't embrace hockey (being from Detroit, I can understand -- we're shot at close range if we don't)...and there's only so much of you to go around.

3/09/2006 1:17 PM  

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