Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My November Resolution

It is about that time of year when everyone starts to back out of their resolutions for the new year. Those lifestyle changes that were going to be turning point to becoming a lighter, healthier, or more active person. This was going to be the year that the resolution would become a regular, if not essential part of the daily or weekly routine. But, as with a lot of things in life, one discovers that this type of change requires a radical commitment, or sticktoitiveness if you will, and there is a level of work for which many are not prepared.

I really noticed the swing this year. The gym that I go to on a regular basis saw a significant influx of new attenders as we rolled over to '06. People of all shapes and sizes that decided this was their year. Sadly, as we came to the third Monday of this new year, many of these people have already started a trial separation with their gym. I can hope that they have found alternate times to work out or run the treadmill, but I get a sense from the general fullness of the fieldhouse that many have already been lost. It seems that New Year's resolutions are difficult to keep up. It feels like the right thing to do because it is the time of year for fresh starts, but people set big goals with strict deadlines without the support network to keep it up.

That is why I made a November Resolution. While lying in bed late one Sunday night I decided that my half-hearted attempts to get myself fit were not going to cut it anymore. Granted I am 40 lbs lighter than I was three years ago, but I had come to a bit of a plateau. I am a 200 lb man with about 27% body fat which is still considered overweight by the multitude of tables and standards that can be found on the web. I decided I would hit the gym hard. I decided I would eat right. I decided I would make some changes that would make me feel all around healthier and better about myself. I was partly inspired by Jennifer as she and her husband started to hit the gym around that time and were even working with a trainer.

Since then I have done very well with the activity portion of my resolution and moderately well with the eating right side. I make my dinner most nights and it usually consists of some type of chicken and vegetable. I take lunches most days and try to buy healthy on days I don't get a lunch together. I am not a hard-core calorie counter, but I am aware of my general food intake in relation to how much my body needs and I can pretty much tell you how much protein I eat each day, (which is important when you are trying to get huge, (said with tongue firmly in cheek.))

On the activity side I am starting to go a little nuts. I was already curling twice a week so I had a head start. I then started hitting the gym three times a week. It made me feel great and I actually felt like I had more energy. Next I found out that some friends play squash and one even has courts at his condo that never get used, so now add squash once a week. Also, since I got my new toy, I have been going to the range once a week. Then, yesterday I decided to mix it up at the gym a bit and I tried a spinning class. Wow, that was a work out and a half. This five foot nothin' girl leading the class by shouting into a mic while music is cranked and twenty to twenty-five people peddling their butts off. I liked it though, so I'll probably go back there tomorrow morning.

Oh, did I mention that I am actually going to the gym at 6:00am for these classes? Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me either. Let's hope it pays off.

Which way to the beach?

All for now,


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