Thursday, January 05, 2006

How I spent my Christmas Vacation

This work thing is for the dogs. I have been back for two days now and it really gets me thinking of the Christmas and New Year that just went by. I guess I'll reminisce a bit...

Before I went on Holiday I promised some pics from the office. I like to decorate my cube at work and here you can see how I try to bring some cheer to the office.

Since I had the camera out, I figured I'd snap some shots of the friends and neighbours at the quad, (or powercube as I like to call it.)

This is Trish. This is what I call her but I don't know if that is how she spells the short form of her name. That's ok though because she'll be way more pissed about the fact that I actually posted this pic than the name thing.

Colic always poses and smiles pretty for my pictures. Please don't look at how messy her cube is. The gas cans are killing us all slowly.

Truman on the other hand refused to turn around. I informed her that I would then take a picture of the back of her head and she said, "Fine!" After I took the picture however, she made me show her in case the back of her head looked funny. Girls...

Di Pede wasn't around so I couldn't get him. I did make my way out of the powercube to visit neighbouring pods for a while. This is Renata. She is pretending that she is working even though it is a little after noon on the last day of work before Christmas.

Warner on the other hand would have none of the pretending. "You excited about the Holiday Warner?" Response: see picture. Since this was taken, his wife had a baby boy. Mum, Dad, and little one are at home, all healthy and resting.

This is Afshan. (Did I mention that Warner was excited about the Holiday?)

This is Fennell, (one of six people I work with named Nicole, isn't that weird?) She will be mad that I posted this shot but I thought her hair looked cute in the pony tail and the one she made me take where she could pose and smile pretty didn't show that.

I better show that one, too. Incidentally, Fennell was a wild card entry into the Team 188 Bake Off. She isn't a part of Team 188 but she thought is was fun that we kept bringing desserts in so she wanted in. (Also she had some of every other entry since there was always left over.) She brought this nut, shortbread, cookie that was filled with caramel and drizzled with chocolate. It was really good. I haven't really heard from Di Pede what the final tally was but at last look, she was in the lead. She may get disqualified as an illegal entry though.

Well, I am tired and Blogger is giving me a hard time with the photos so this will have to continue tomorrow...

All for now,


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