Monday, December 12, 2005

Vancouver 2010, Here We Come!

Yesterday Brad Gushue won the Canadian Men's Olympic Curling trials in Halifax. It was exciting to watch as any team that comes out of the Canadian Olympic trials for this sport is a definite favourite for the gold in Torino.

My friends Ang and Kev, (that's Kevin E Martin, more hair than the one on TV,) were there as spectators. They are the Skip and Vice on my mixed team so I am hoping they come back with lots of strategy ideas to bring to our games.

Also, Ken who is one of the other guys on my Men's team, knows Brad Gushue pretty well as he curled Juniors with him in Newfoundland. This is the calibre of player that I am playing with on a weekly basis.

So, the point of all this? Four years from now you can expect to see me on TSN for the round robin and CBC for the weekend playoffs of the Canadian Olympic Curling Trials for Vancouver 2010. Granted we have a LITTLE work to do as my Men's team is currently in the "F" division of the Tuesday Men's league at Leaside Curling Club. Unfortunately "F" is not for Fantastic. They label the divisions by letter with "A" being the elite curlers in the league.

They label them "A" through "F".

But four years is plenty of time to turn that around and make a run for gold...right?

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