Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Spirit

The office gang is starting to get into the Christmas spirit, and by that I mean that we have started the Annual Team 188 Bake-Off!

Last year there were some logistical errors, and a bit of controversy over this "friendly" little contest that we run:

1. Seeing as we had to judge every dessert but our own, we were faced with tasting 8-10 desserts in one afternoon. This may SOUND like a good idea to some but trust me, the ones you taste last lose simply because you are sick.

2. Someone entered store bought butter tarts into the contest. They might have got away with it except that they left it in the plastic tart tray.

3. I won't say whose entry it was, but the winner who entered a Tiramisu Trifle, had a LOT of help from Colic's sister.

This year Di Pede is in charge so he decided to mix it up a bit. To prevent the disaster of number one above, the participants were divided into several rounds. This was done by blind draw to prevent complaints about being entered on the same day as the Boss or as Colic and her Sister.

Today was round one. The entrants were as follows:

Truman - Krispie Mars Squares

This entry was basically somewhere in the range of 8-10 Mars bars melted down and blended with Rice Krispies with a layer of chocolate on top. It was very tasty if not a little sweet but an extremely good showing. It will be tough to beat. To make it better I might actually add more Krispies

Harrison (Mr. 188 himself) - Shortbread Caramel Bars

This is a repeat entry from last year, but is actually a team-wide favourite so it was made by request. Shortbread base, homemade chewy caramel middle layer, and chocolate topping. Another great dessert. Apparently there was some concern about a new pan that is larger than the old one, so it threw off the presentation a bit this year, but it still tasted amazing.

And finally, Moi - Caramel Chocolate Brownies

These were my favourite. Of course it is my Nana's recipe and my Mum makes them every year, so I may be a LITTLE biased. Actually, if I look back at the copy of the recipe card I have, the title of this dessert says "Choc Brownie - Caramels." It doesn't really roll off the tongue and I have it memorized anyway so I rarely look at the card. I tried to bring up the hype a bit by giving tastes to other people on the floor not involved in the contest but it is hard to say if that had any effect.

Anyway, there are three more rounds to go so we are far from crowning a winner, but I can honestly say we were three for three today. It's going to come down to a matter of opinion as the skill of all of today's competitors was clearly of the highest calibre.

Highest calibre of office bake-offs that is.

All for now,

p.s. stay tuned for pics of cubicle decorations!


Blogger Joy said...

All I can say is I hope when I get to the real world of being gainfully employed my workplace is as cool as yours! And that the kids don't put Ex-lax in the caramel brownies.

12/08/2005 6:44 AM  
Blogger WestsideKef said...

Oh Joy if you only knew. I only tell you about the fun stuff because...

Answered 15 calls from vendors today and validated the January forecast for Deal 307...

doesn't make great blog material ;)

12/08/2005 11:48 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

Heehee :)...true dat :).

12/10/2005 9:37 AM  

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