Saturday, December 03, 2005

My Step-Mother is not an alien

Hey...It's been a while. Stupid computer. Well, enough about that.

Last week I was down in Belleville and Kingston for a very special event. My Step-Mother Cheri was sworn in as a Canadian citizen! Cheri is from and still has most of her family in Iowa, but has living up here in Canada since I was in grade six, which is about eighteen years. She met my Dad in Florida when we were down there visiting my Grandparents who live in London and she was visiting an Uncle and Aunt from Ohio... Huh, this story is pretty complicated. I think I'll go back to the original one I was telling.

Thursday of last week I drove down to Belleville after work. When I got there, Cheri was a little surprised that I was there, but I said I had a few days off and I thought I would come visit for Thanksgiving. We all chatted for a bit then she tells me that we have to leave the house at 7am to drive to Kingston. I asked why, feigning ignorance, and she tells me about the ceremony. I couldn't keep the secret that Dad had already told me any longer so I told her that is why I was there. Cheri immediately yells at Dad then asks who else he told. Just my Sis and her Husband. So the next day we drive to Kingston and go to the city hall for her to register. Now the one thing about Cheri waiting as long as she did to decide to become a Canadian citizen, is that she didn't have to write a test. A lot of the other people there had to write a test about Canada to qualify for citizenship, but since Cheri is over...a certain age, she didn't have to write the test. (Incidentally, the test has questions like, "What are the capitals of the three Territories?" to which a lot of my friends that were born here responded, "There are three Territories?" Keep in mind that Nunavut is relatively new, (and the capital of that is Iqaluit.))

The ceremony itself was very official. There was a court clerk there to keep everything on track, an RCMP officer announced the start and marched everyone in, and it was presided over by a judge and attended by the Member of Parliament, Member of Provincial Parliament, and the Mayor of Kingston. Cheri was one of 47 people from 19 different countries that was sworn in that day. Over all it was really special and kind of exciting to see the people and hear all the countries from which they had come.

After, we went for lunch at Pan Chancho, (I've mentioned this place before as my Sis had her wedding dinner there,) then let my Sis and her Husband get to work and Dad, Cheri and I went back to Belleville.

So now I have the honour of having a Step-Mum that is both a citizen of Canada and the United States of America. I don't think a lot of people can say that.

Congrats Cheri!

All for now,


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