Friday, December 09, 2005

The Better Way?

We had a bit of snow last night. It was 10cm or so, not enough to shut down a city. It did wreak havoc on my usual means of transportation into work however, so the following is a vent.

Toronto has a pretty good transit system. Their slogan is, "Take the Better Way." For the most part you can catch a bus or a train at any major street corner and get where you need to be in a reasonable amount of time. For the most part.

Today I left my apartment at 7:45 am. Granted that is a little later than I should have left on a snowy day, but we have had worse in past winters and I didn't think there would be too much of a problem. I sat down at my desk at the office at...


Yes 10:30am, two hours and forty-five minutes after I left my apartment. This is NOT a reasonable amount of time for a trip that usually takes forty minutes. I spent two of those hours with the other twenty people at my bus stop waiting for a bus to come by that was not packed to the doors. Bah!

Anyway, enough complaining. Round two of the bake off was today and the entries were as follows:

Di Pede - Easy Apple Crisp

This was an apple and pear dessert with a sweet crispy topping that consisted of margarine, brown sugar, cinnamon, and shredded wheat. Despite the shredded wheat it was really good. In fact, he put green and red sprinkles on the top as well to add to the Christmas theme.

Stewie the Co-op - White Chocolate Almond Truffle good. Don't know what else to say. Most people could only eat half a piece.

Sats - Oreo Cake

He bought this from Dominion. He gets a ZERO for the second consecutive year.

I followed all these desserts up with a trip to Starbucks with Fennell to get a Grande Americano, so I am a little buzzy right now. I'd better go before I come down off the sugar/caffeine high.

All for now,


Blogger Joy said...

yep, and I get to take "the better way" to York today, because I have a Sunday exam and my GO bus doesn't run on a Sunday. yay for taking 2 hours to get to school instead of 40 minutes, not. can we say "all I want for my birthday is my license"? so, sorry I have to miss your debut as Joseph, but it's York's fault, really...although with this diapers rumor that's going around, I dunno...

12/11/2005 8:10 AM  

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