Thursday, January 05, 2006

Moving in Kingston - (HISMCV II)

After finally leaving work on the Friday before Christmas, I could really get into Holiday mode. That is I could swear off shaving and dress shoes for the next ten days. I spent the rest of Friday afternoon at the mall. Did I mention that I love the mall at this time of year?! I love the crowds and the jostling. If someone bumps into me I just smile and say, "Don't worry about it. Merry Christmas!" I already told you what I did on Saturday in the afternoon. The evening of course was my family's traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Take-out Chinese Food. I can't tell you why and I really couldn't place when it actually started, but it is a tradition that we have carried on for years, and it is one of my favourite of the Holiday season. The funny part is that my parents have been apart for 22 years or so now and I have had the Christmas Eve Take-out Chinese with both the Mum and Dad families. For a while I thought everyone did it, but I have yet to meet someone with this cool a tradition in the family.

Christmas morning I got up and went to church before anyone else was out of bed. I was playing guitar in the band that morning so I had to go early for sound check and such. As a result of Christmas being on Sunday and my having to be there for the band, my Sis was forced to wait until after noon to open any presents. This was torture for her as she is the biggest six year old when it comes Christmas morning presents. (Incidentally she is 24.) She shakes every present under the tree and every year without fail she BEGS us to let her open "just one present" on Christmas Eve. We never let her. *evil grin* The pic is her and my BiL looking at one of the gifties.

This is my Mum surveying the damage.

This is the damage.

This is my Stepdad checking out one of the new books.

The rest of Christmas day is not documented because I didn't take my camera to my Aunt's place. That is all about that.

Boxing day I drove down to Belleville to see Dad and Stepmum. On the 27th, Sis decided she was going to do up the Christmas dinner again and she was going to do it all herself. Dad and Cheri weren't about to complain about this. She did a turkey and stuffing and yams and squash and potatoes and Bigos, (which is traditional hunter's stew originating in Poland. My BiL is Polish. The strange thing about this dish is it is cooked three times and actually gets better the more you reheat it. Oh those crazy Polish...) The whole dinner was pretty good considering how I feel about turkey. I even had to carve the turkey as my Dad wanted to only eat the meal and not be involved in the preparing in any way. He also wanted no part in the cleaning up which meant my BiL and I were at the sink for quite a while. Oh well, happy to do my part.

The next day was the move. My Sis and BiL live in Kingston and were moving from one apartment to another. They have a lot of stuff. They were sharing an apartment with another girl so a lot of their stuff was still at my Dad's place.

Their car,

my Dad's van,

and my car were packed to the gills with just the first trip from Belleville. There were two more van loads and two more of my car from their old apartment, then another two van loads to come from Belleville all told. They have enough stuff for a house packed into a two bedroom flat. It's nice though and they pay about half of what I pay for a two bedroom in the Tdot.

New Year's was awesome. I spent a couple days with JWE and Angel, (I'm not linking you guys until you update ;) ) We had two days of the best home cooked meals. Steaks on Friday, (GOOD steaks!) Omelets Saturday morning. Alaskan crab legs and mussels for New Year's Eve dinner. It seems like all I do is eat when I go over there. I am not complaining, but I owe them big for that weekend!

Plus we sat out in the hot tub minutes after the ball dropped. Can't beat that! That is JWE "getting the tub ready" for us. See the snow. Yeah, we got out and rolled in it then got back in the tub. Angie would have no part of it and just shook her head. Did I mention we were buddies in high school when it always seemed like a good idea to do stuff like that?

Anyway, back at work for a few days and already dreaming of the next Holiday.

I think I'll go surf the vacation websites.

All for now,


Blogger Angel said...

I can say we were glad to have you up and to share in the feasts. It was awesome and Thank You for the omelettes. They were yummy (and even better with tomatoes).

1/06/2006 8:14 AM  

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