Thursday, August 31, 2006

My name is Kevin, and I have a problem

That's the first step right? Admitting I have a problem? What's the step where I say I don't really have a problem and it's not hurting anyone? Wait, that's denial, and that is another whole series of steps...I think.

So what is this problem of which I speak. My friend Joy mentioned it for any cross-reading blog type people. Yes, I am addicted to World of Warcraft. Yes that is a computer game, and yes I am a nerd. If my Sis still reads this she'll have a field day, she thinks it's bad enough I have a blog. At least she can't make fun of me for this without admitting to reading MY blog, which would make her a nerd, too. So anyway, when I am on line, that is what I have been doing. It's fun, I don't care what you think. (Unless this is Marty or Joy in which case I am pretty sure they think it is ok, and therefore I do care.)

It has been almost two weeks since my second triathlon. I feel even more now that I can say I am a triathlete as now I have done two races in a season. This separates me from that guy who once showed up to an event and never went back. I am falling more in love with this sport. The last event was the Northern Triathlon in Orillia, (which really isn't that far north I know, but I didn't name it.) It was the Ontario Short Course Championship, (or something like that,) so there were about 1200 athletes there competing. HUGE compared to the first event I went to. This also meant the level of competition was much higher. I finished 21 out of the 27 or so in my age group which amounted to somewhere in the high 400's overall, (468 or something.) Like last time though, I wasn't competing against the veterans of the sport or the eventual podium finishers. I was competing for myself, but also against a friend from work. Kinch and his wife were at this event, too, so there was a friendly rivalry going on. He is a runner. He has actually completed marathons so he can have that title of Runner. I knew I would need to be faster on the swim and bike in order to have any chance of beating him. We were even on the swim and I gained a couple minutes on the bike which I knew I would as it is his weakest leg, (despite dropping my chain half way through and having to dismount to replace it.) The run though. Ugh. I was at about the 4K mark of the scheduled 7K and I saw him coming the other way on the out and back course. "I'm comin' for ya Kev!" was all I heard as he blazed past the other way. It wasn't long until he made good on that claim. Now let me point out here how a "wave start" system works. I am younger than Greg by a year so I started in a different wave. This means to start the race I had an artificial 3 minute lead on him. The fact that he passed me with about 2K left of the run shows how good a runner he is. My splits were about 5:15/Km, and his were a blistering 4:14/Km. He gained 7 minutes on me in the run alone! Like I said, it was friendly competition though and I had no trouble saying congrats at the finish line and humbly show the rest of our team at work the results.

Especially since I was showing them all that his wife beat us both!

All for now,


Blogger Dave said...

I've got a few friends of my own who are addicted to World of WarCrack. One tried to give me the rundown last weekend explaining about his level 60 character with epics and purple items and how folks gape at him as he walks by and so on and so forth. I'm just glad I have no inclination to start with that, as I have enough trouble finding time to blog as it is, without any significant distractions. :)

8/31/2006 10:26 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

I've been away from WoW for a bit as I was preparing for the start of teacher's college and then this week because of the teacher's college orientation, but I haven't been getting the shakes or I figure it's not really an addiction if you can put it down for a bit and carry on with the rest of life.

As for your triathlon, yeah, I hear a lot of runners espouse the sentiment that it's not about trying to win the's about being able to complete it, enjoying the energy the crowd feeds you, and so on. What place you come in doesn't really matter; races are there for fun, and to give you milestones in your training. Just doing the training without having something to train towards strikes me as something that could be boring; the races add the incentive, the goal...and the flashy T-shirt :). Congratulations on being a two-time triathlete!

Now go level to 60 so you can get in on the guild raid action :). (Nah, really, seeing as this is your first character, enjoy the process of continually growing and getting more abilities and more powerful and seeing more story through the various quests and in-game events.)

9/01/2006 9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes I still read this and I am a nerd, but not nearly as big a one as you are. And watch out for sting rays in l.a. they're nasty.

9/11/2006 11:44 AM  

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