Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Job?

Well, this should be the second day of the new job at the Tire. That's right, I got a new job. Just when I thought I was comfortable with what I was doing and I was getting really good at it, an opportunity came up in another division. It's a good opportunity, an exciting job with a chance to get in and fix some things so I am looking forward to it. But, it is more change at work that I am a little apprehensive about right now. I like Team 188 and I'll miss them, but I think that you can't afford to get too comfortable. Plus, when a chance comes up to take on more responsibility and show off your mad skills, you take it.

Anyway, the point of this is that it is SUPPOSED to be my second day of the new job. I spent it doing the old job. There are always some tricky timing issues when it comes to moving into a new role and moving someone into the spot you are leaving. Also, with Truman leaving last week and Colic off for a few days, I really didn't want to leave Harrison in the lurch. (He was asking about the site today so he'll probably see this, which is a little embarrassing considering the last sappy post...)

A quick update for those of you following the November Resolution. I broke through the 190lb mark this Monday! This is the first time in about eight or nine years that I have been that low. Keep in mind I am not bragging, but hoping I am being an encouragement to others by proving that even my lazy ass can get into shape.

Curling playoffs continue tonight. Stay tuned.

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