Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bricks, two stacks of bricks

That is what my legs felt like.

Tonight I did what they call a brick training session. It is a simple way for someone doing their first triathlon, (like me,) to get used to the feeling of getting off the bike after a hard ride and immediately going on to run several km. So, now I know the feeling.


Doesn't seem like such a strange name for a training session now. See, the problem lies in the way your legs are used for each of the bike and running disciplines. When you ride, you generally push through the power stroke on the pedal. Granted, with cycling shoes that clip to the pedals, (which I have,) you can get a good push over the top and even a bit of lift on the up stroke, but for the most part your legs are pushing in a circular motion. Then you get off the bike, put on your runners and try and switch your legs to more like a swinging, pounding motion. (I am sure there is a better way to describe that but I can't come up with one right now.) Making that switch is a fight. I almost tripped over my own toes a couple of times in the first km because I didn't feel like I could get my feet up off the ground.

Once I transitioned fully into running mode however, I felt pretty good. I did about 14km on the bike and then a 3km run and I didn't feel winded at all. I am still working on picking up my pace a bit on the run but I think I can do it because I felt like I had lots left in the tank today. My pace was off a bit due to fighting the bike legs, and due to the wind being mostly in my face on the first two thirds, uphill portion of my run.

I have to remember to order no wind for race day.

All for now,


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