Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy St. George's Day!

That's right, it is April 23 and that means that it is St. George's Day! As I have mentioned before, I am not Irish so I don't celebrate that green day in March but I did keep my promise and had the "First Annual St. George's Day Bash at Kef's Place!"

I had some good English fare like: Bangers and Mash, Toad in the Hole, and Bubble and Squeak. (For those now making the "HUH?!" face, that is: Sausages and mashed potatoes, Sausages in Yorkshire Pudding, and fried cabbage and mashed potato.) I also added a more modern English pub favourite with a vegetable curry. Nibblers included a few plates of crisps and some pickled herring. I know, that is more Scandinavian but I like it better than kippered herring. I of course had the fridge stocked with some Tetley's (Ale, not tea) and some Bass (again, Ale not fish) and some Sleaman's Silver Creek in case any guests didn't like the English Ales, which didn't happen.

Between the food and drink, putting out the flags, and just getting everyone together, that was the basis for the party. But, what more could you ask for than having your friends around with good food and drink? The St. George's Day theme was just an excuse to bring everyone together and it worked, (for the most part, not everyone could make it.)

It led me however to a realization that there are very few people, even those of English descent, who know very much about what I was doing with the flags and the food and everything. Several times the last few days I had to explain who St. George was, (I never have to explain who St. Patrick was.) And, I had to explain a couple times today what flag I had in the window. Yes, St. George's Cross is the flag of England. No, the Union Jack is the flag for all of Great Britain. That's ok, a lot of North American's are separated from their roots so I can't really hold it against them.

I had a lot of people stuffed into the apartment today. The Beast, Kaibob, Hopper, Linds, Boomer, Ryguy, Angel, JWE, Cous, Mira, Ames, Irek (best I can do, his name is already a nickname,) Noble, and oh yeah, the Roomy was there, too. I was having such a good time cooking and socializing however, that I forgot to get the camera out until most of the people were already gone. I did get a few shots of the Roomy and Noble GF cleaning up, (and Cous doing dishes...I don't know why he is trying to lick Noble.) Mira and I stayed out of the kitchen as it is too small for five. (It is too small for three but oh well.)

I am taking suggestions for the excuse to have the next party.

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