Thursday, May 25, 2006

Global Warming? Sounds kind of nice.

This is the problem we face with an issue that has the potential to be disastrous world wide. Marketing.

I was talking about this with my family a few weeks back but I was urged to write about it after seeing this article via BoingBoing. It seems that even the President, (of the United States if you were wondering,) has admitted that there is a problem with climate change and has urged us to stop arguing about the problem and start implementing a solution.

You see, it is not that surprising that people don't take Global Warming seriously. As my Dad put it, "Who wouldn't want it to be a little warmer? Sounds kind of nice." Marketing.

Society has been doing this for a while when it comes to the "accepted label" for a variety of issues. Unemployment Insurance became Employment Insurance, short people are Vertically Challenged, bald people are Follicly Challenged, etc. These make sense. They try to show these things in a more positive light, or at least give them a name that makes people feel a little better about their situation. I know I would rather be Temporally Gifted than old.

Kidding aside though, Global Warming is not something on which we want to shine a positive light. There is a danger that a climate change on a planetary scale could affect major population centres. This is where we need to hit the masses, with the fact that people will be affected negatively. That is why I propose a new name for Global Warming. A new marketing campaign as it were. One that will cause everyone to stop and consider the issue and even what they might do about it.

Global Coastal Flooding

Now I'm am not big on scare tactics usually - I think that some politicians do too much of this to advance their own agendas or justify military actions - but I think this is something on which we need to drastically change everyone's outlook. What are people going to be more worried about: that it will be five degrees warmer at any point during a year, or that Vancouver, Seattle, and Los Angeles could be under water?

Global Coastal Flooding. Think about it. Spread the word. Write a letter to your MP/Governor/Congressman. Start to do something about this problem before ozone is just something they put into designer bottled water.

Or, move to Colorado.

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