Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Long Weekend!

Is over...BOO!

Despite being cold, windy, and sometimes rainy, I had a great Victoria Day weekend. (Or, as most people call it, "The May 2-4") Saturday was sunny but windy. I was over helping the Beast and Kaibob with some stuff in their garden. I just called them up on a whim as I was out driving around and visiting some of my favourite stores, (GolfTown, Chapters, Starbucks,) and Kaibob says, "sure come on over, we're planting!" They didn't actually work me that hard and we had a good dinner afterwards. Later that same evening we went out to Linds and Hopper's place to play poker with a bunch of the crew. I was short stacked for a while but eventually was heads up with Beast and we were about even. He ended up beating me with a pocket pair'o'somethin's.

Sunday was cold and not sunny. In fact it was rainy and windy and down right miserable for most of the day. I was supposed to go up and golf with Michael at Cardinal, the West Course, but we cancelled once we got there. Still wasn't a complete loss of a day because we went to TJ's for wings.

Monday was golf again and this time we toughed it out. Pastor Steve, the Roomy and I went to Rolling Hills, the Championship Course. It was cold, windy, but luckily not raining. I didn't golf well at all but like they say, "A bad day golfing is better than a good day working." Incidentally, the Roomy beat me and PS both by two strokes...but I am not telling you what we shot.

Tuesday I took an extra day off. And what did I do on this extra day off? I golfed! I went up to Woodington Lake. It is a beautiful course up in Tottenham, (about an hour outside of Toronto.) When I got there I asked if they could get me on since I was by myself. The guy in the proshop says, "I think we can squeeze you in. The last group went off about 45 minutes ago and the next booked time is an hour from now." It was awesome. Like having my own private golf course. And despite not having any witnesses, I still didn't shoot very well: 97. I blame it on the fact that it was my first time there and it was still a little windy. I'm not too worried though. I'll be in shape for the Hargreaves Golf Classic, of which I am the defending champion.

So, even though today was the first day back at work, nothing was going to ruin the mood I had going on today. Lots of golf. Lots of sleep. Good times with friends. First day of work on Wednesday when they are kicking us out at noon on Friday to move us to a new floor. All of this makes for one of those bubbly, cheery, don't-you-just-want-to-smack-the-grin-off-his-face moods. Not even losing our second ball hockey game 4-1 can kill it. I kind of think I'd better go to bed so I can wake up the same way. I do feel a little bad because the Magazine Man is in the opposite kind of mood. Seems a little upset about the birthday this year. Something about middle age. Maybe I'll send him a big grin to try and snap him out of it.

Then duck so I don't get smacked!

All for now,


Blogger Magazine Man said...

You know, the only thing worse than a whinging, cranky middle-aged guy is a chipper, goofy-smiling guy who tries to cheer the cranky bastard up. Never works.

But thanks for making the attempt. :-)

5/25/2006 12:09 AM  

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