Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to the beach

A quick update:

Been here for five days.
Been to the beach three times.
Read two books.
Competed in a triathlon.
Went to Universal.
Rode my bike from one end of Sunset to the other.

Some observations:
It's nice here. It has been sunny and warm the entire time I've been here.
I love the beach. I think I'll go again.
I'm glad I brought four books, (plus the one I was reading when I packed.)
There are a LOT of fit people in the LA area.
Universal Studios theme park is boring. I have been spoiled by Wonderland.
There are some big homes in the Hills.

Ok, I'm almost out of time here at the SMPL, so I have to go.

Which way to the beach!?

All for now,


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