Monday, May 29, 2006

No Buses. Strike. Wildcat.

This is the note I saw in the elevator when I was heading down this morning to catch the bus and subway into work at a little after seven. Seeing as it was a little after seven and I had not had any coffee yet, my first interpretation of this note had something to do with bowling, and really bad beer. (Wildcat is the bad uncle used to call it "Panther Piss.") A couple floors lower I clicked in to the actual meaning of the note but didn't believe it. When I entered the lobby of my building and saw a similar note on the door I started to get a little worried. So, I asked a girl that was sitting there in the lobby if she knew if it was true. "I've been sitting here for fifteen minutes and haven't seen a bus."


Now I am sure that I am not the first Torontonian to blog about this, but for the sake of some of the people who stop by that are not from the Tdot, and for some like Sandra who I know are public transit commuters, I am going to give a brief explanation of what happened today.

Early this morning, union workers staged a Wildcat strike by blocking yards and not letting buses or trains out of their terminals, essentially shutting down the mass transit for all of Toronto, the biggest city in Canada and fifth largest in North America.

How did I not know about this? Oh yeah, I hate the news so I rarely listen or watch, especially on the weekend. And even the usual routine of lying in bed listening to morning radio was cut short this morning as I had to leave early. It's a good thing I did, too. I drove in and parked and had no problem. Some of the people on my team took upwards of two and three hours for a usual 30-40 minute commute. UGH!

And, it figures today is the first smog warning in Toronto. It was pretty gross, and I like the summer heat. At one point Kinch looked at the weather site and it said it was 42 degrees with the humidex. (That's about 110F for any Amarcans.) And, I swear it was hotter in the shade. That is the crazy thing here in the Tdot: on the sticky humid days, there is nowhere short of an air conditioned room that you can go to escape the heat. Like they say, it's not the heat, it's the stumidity. As if we needed another 500,000 cars on the road today, adding to the problems causing Global Coastal Flooding. They forced them back to work at about 3:00pm but a lot of good that would do considering everyone had already taken their car in today. Now the commute home has all these extra cars AND the fricken' buses!

But speaking of smog, today was a training day. Another brick. But, I couldn't bring myself to bike and run out in the blast furnace. So, I went to the gym to do it. There is good and bad in that. The bad is that I am not riding my bike, I am riding a stationary bike that is not set up the same and had bad pedals and probably a hundred other things that are not as good as a real bike. The good is that running on the treadmill gives me a chance to train at a constant pace and learn what that competitive pace feels like.

Enough of that, just thinking about it makes me feel like a marshmallow. My fan broke and I didn't go to the Tire today to get one like I'd planned. I think I'll go melt into my bed now.

The transit better be going tomorrow or I'm gonna... ok I got nothing, that was kind of an empty threat.

All for now,


Blogger Joy said...

Yes, GCF was on my mind yesterday as well, while I rode the non-striking, non-delayed GO Bus to work...

5/30/2006 12:19 PM  

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