Thursday, June 22, 2006

Busy week...

I find I say that a lot recently. There is something to be said for a routine, the day to day, week to week that you can begin to count on like that interesting (read: crazy) lady you see at the corner everyday. But, I also find that the weeks fly by in a blink with nothing by which to really remember them. I mean there is the occasional laugh at work or with friends, but those blur into the routine rather than mark a point in the summer to be remembered apart from all the others.

Summer. That is what got me thinking about this I think. Yesterday was the first day of summer and in a place where the summer is pretty short, that is a big deal. But the start of summer also means something else. Yesterday was the longest day of the year. (Note: I mean daylight. No getting all technical on me.) Every day from now until almost Christmas is going to be shorter than the last. I felt like I should have done something with that longest day, like I should have had big plans to take advantage of the solstice. But, I didn't. Instead I went and played hockey like I always do on Wednesday, and lost like I always do, (we are STILL suck.) I have a Board meeting tonight which will be a little different, but even that happens every month and is still part of the larger routine.

Stuck. I guess that is how I feel. Don't get me wrong, I am blessed to have a great job at a great company and I have good friends, family, health, etc. But, I seem to be lacking some measure of adventure. This is one of the reasons I am so excited about the events I have coming up. Competing in a triathlon is new and exciting and so that gets me going for a while. Not letting the fact the even training for this has become part of the routine is a different story. I also booked my holidays for the late summer. I just decided to go somewhere I have always wanted to go and do things I think will be fun, new, and exciting. I'll tell you more about it later, I don't want to get to worked up about it yet as it is in September.

Well, off to the meeting. Maybe I'll try and mix things up a bit tonight, keep everyone on their toes.

Wouldn't want everyone to be stuck.

All for now,


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