Friday, June 23, 2006

I'll tell you what's inconvenient...

Cities under water, that's what!

I have done a bit of ranting about what my thoughts are concerning Global Coastal Flooding. I'm not really an activist but I do try to do my part, even if that is just passing on the message. For instance, this week has been Clean Air Commute week in the Tdot, (and other cities I'm sure but I only live in this one right now.) I have done my part as always by not driving to work and instead taking the transit or riding my bike. I have also tried my best to get coworkers to do the same, (Kinch rode his bike in at least once this week.) See, passing the message.

Here's another message. An Inconvenient Truth.

I have heard a lot about this film recently. I have heard Letterman talk about it. I have seen posters and elevator news feeds about it. I have seen Joy talk about it. I have seen talented artists, (like Terra Naomi,) talk about it. Please go see this movie. Yes it's Al Gore. Who cares? It is the content that is important.

So important. There's not room for everyone in Denver.

Ignore the messenger if you have to, but absorb the message.

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