Monday, June 26, 2006

I have to do what? Because who said so?

Dariush... This is the like the chain letter of the blogsphere. But, never one to be a party pooper, I will oblige. Here are my answers to some seemingly random questions that give surprising insight to who I am, (or at least where I store stuff.)

5 things in my refrigerator:
1. Beer
2. Milk
3. Bread
4. Eggs (all pretty normal so far)
5. A random can of Mountain Dew Energy that I don't remember buying. Have to ask the Roomy.

5 things in my closet
1. My Rock Jersey (Yaaay!)
2. My Leafs Jersey (Yaaay!)
3. My England Football Jersey (Yaaa...hold on, I'm sensing a theme)
4. A sleeping bag
5. About 8 pairs of pants that are too big for me (ok, that deserves a Yaaay!)

5 things in my pockets
1. Wallet (the small version)
2. Six cents (change from Timmy's)
3. Movie ticket stub (An Inconvenient Truth, go see it!)
4. A restaurant napkin with some hot girl's phone number (yeah I wish, I don't have anything else in my pockets, oh wait!)
5. My hand! (Hand in my pocket hand in my pocket hand in my pocket...HAHA you're totally singing that now!)

5 things in my car and/or trunk
1. Diet Coke (I bought one because I really wanted it then left it in the car *grumble*)
2. Emergency beach sweater (when we go to the beach there is always a cold girl)
3. All my Coldplay CDs
4. My Jays cap
5. My golf clubs

5 people that get tagged
I don't know if I know 5 people that will do this.
Um, Joy
Um, Her husband Critter (Joy needs to get him a blog)
Um, JWE (I don't think he remembers he has a blog)
Um, Angel (Neither does she)
Um, Shafa!

I guess it's bad form to tag the tagger, eh? ROCK IT! ;)

Ohandnotouchbacks. 'Cause I'm King Counter no higher no lower called it stamped it no erasies got the golden key flushed it down the toilet black balls beats them all!

All for now,


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